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Profile of Teaching Staff :

Year Joined
Desig- nation
Qualifi- cation
No. of Publications
National Journal
International Journal
Seminar & Con- ference
Smt. Shashi Bala Tyagi 28.07.93 S. Lecturer (POl. Sc.) M.A., M.Phil        
Sri Sri Krishna Singh 23.04.98 Lecturer (History) M.A.        
Dr. (Smt) Ranju Rathor 20.09.08 Lecturer (Sociology) M.A., Ph.D.        
Sri Awadhesh Kumar 20.06.09 Lecturer (Phy. Edu.) M.Ph.Ed., M.Phill.        
Miss Poornima Bharadwaj 24.11.06 Lecturer (English) M.A., Phill.        
Dr. Umesh Kr. Shakya 14.12.06 Lecturer (Eco.) M.A., Ph.D.        
Sri Anand Kr. Mishra 14.12.06 Lecturer (HIndi) M.A., NET        
























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